Thursday, March 10, 2011

For the love of cooking

In Sri Lanka and I'm sure all over the world learning to cook is a must to learn. It is a must for mother's to teach their daughters to cook. Sri Lankan cookery is an art in itself and it certainly is or was a long process mostly because of the process of extracting coconut milk but thanks to modern equipment it is much quicker and faster.

Sri Lankan cookery offers an exotic blend of spices, colors and flavors and it can vary in the degree of spiciness influenced by foreign traders and colonist. The main staple food being rice, accompanied by a variety of vegetable curries, a good old coconut sambal ( Pol sambal) and if it is available fish or a meat. But Sri Lankan cuisine is a heaven for vegetarians. This is my attempt to bring out Sri Lankan and non Sri Lankan tasty treats that I love to make.

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